Dr. Mark Peterson

Focusing on Managerial Macromarketing

So the world will develop more sustainable enterprises

Mark Peterson wants the world to have more sustainable enterprises that take a holistic approach to the marketplace by considering the natural environment and other stakeholders in the development of firm strategy. As a long-time contributor to the study of marketing systems and their interplay with society (macromarketing), Peterson is well qualified to present "managerial macromarketing" to readers in Sustainable Enterprise: A Macromarketing Approach.

Peterson is a professor of marketing at the University of Wyoming. When not writing or speaking about marketing issues, Peterson enjoys aerobic sports in the beautiful environs of the Laramie Valley in southeast Wyoming.

After graduating from the University of Virginia in 1978, he rode a bicycle across the continental United States. By meeting so many wonderful people during this 80-day trek, he grasped the "big picture" about his own society and about the relevance of national service for individuals like himself. He then served as an officer for more than 8 years in the US Army during the Cold War in both South Korea and West Germany.

After leaving military service, he received his graduate degrees from Georgia Tech before working for two years as a "quant guy" at a statistics boutique in Atlanta, GA - SDR, Inc. that provided marketing research analysis and insights to some of America's most interesting companies. He then spent 11 years in Dallas-Ft. Worth teaching all levels of students at the University of Texas at Arlington.

Peterson loves exploring the world and has had teaching assignments in Canada, France, China and the Middle East. He and his family enjoyed their semester at Bilkent University in Ankara, Turkey where he was a Fulbright Scholar. Peterson became an avid fan of Turkish soccer, then.


Mark Peterson can be contacted at markpete@uwyo.edu.