"Enjoyable and inspiring!"

“Mark Peterson does a great job of connecting academic frameworks with business practice. He peppers the book with timely examples of the significant progress that enterprises are making toward achieving sustainability. His perspective separates the book from others and facilitates the connection between day-to-day marketing decision-making and the big picture of how we can be a part of making business better.”


Ken Manning

Marketing Professor and FirstBank Research Fellow at Colorado State University says:



"Fills a huge gap in the literature"

"Peterson has written what may prove to be an indispensable addition to the library of any scholar who teaches or does research on sustainable enterprise, and to any business leader that wishes to form, manage or lead one."

Clifford J. Shultz, II

Professor and Kellstadt Chair of Marketing Loyola University Chicago


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Based on the premise that firms using holistic marketing strategies are better able to assess risks and identify opportunities, Peterson’s book explains how to create compelling and effective marketing plans designed to benefit the company, key stakeholders, and society at large. Already, leading scholars in marketing are taking notice of Peterson’s work and are terming it as “a path-breaking work” and having the “potential to shape future marketing thought”.


Each chapter of Peterson’s book begins with a vignette featuring a living protagonist facing a real-life challenge related to marketing and society. The chapters close with a mini-case called Mavericks Who Made It featuring an entrepreneurial figure. Some of these come from history, such as Arthur Guinness who founded the Guinness Brewery in Dublin in the eighteenth century. Others include contemporary profiles of Costco Wholesale and entrepreneurial firms in its network of suppliers. The inclusion of these real-life examples leads readers to reflect more effectively on challenges business persons actually encounter in their journeys toward sustainability. In these ways, Peterson weaves the human aspect of business throughout the book on his way to answering a crucial question about sustainable enterprises and their potential profitability.


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SAGE's web support includes a full set of ancillaries for teachers, as well as a glossary, and an actual sustainable venture busines plan for students.




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