Student Rap Example -

On-Location Video Form

Rap Review for Chapter 3

By Nico Suave

Student raps about how marketing affects society.

Braveheart for Macromarketing

French cinema's tribute to macromarketing

A parody for the ages!

Student Rap Example -Montage Video Form 

Rap Review - Chapter 14

By Michael F. 

Student raps about poverty alleviation over a montage.

1st Marketing Doctoral Consortium

Held at the base of Mt. Olympus

French cinema strikes again with another parody for the ages!

Rap Example -

Basic Video Form

Rap Review for Chapter 1

By Run Dr. P

Teacher raps about sustainable enterprise.

Student Rap Example - 

On-Location Video Form

Rap Review for Chapter 15

By Michael M.

Student raps about market-based sustainability.